BlackBerry Gateway

28 juni 2021

BlackBerry Gateway?
BlackBerry Gateway  provides zero trust network access (ZTNA) that both gives your users access to your extended network perimeter and protects your extended network from threats.

BlackBerry Gateway protects users; Windows 10 and macOS devices, by allowing you to block connections to Internet destinations that you don’t want devices to reach, even when the device isn’t connected to your network. BlackBerry continually maintains an ever-growing list of unsafe Internet destinations that it can block endpoints from connecting to. If your organization also wants to block users from visiting specific sites that don’t meet your acceptable use standards, you can create policies to specify additional destinations that all users or specific users or groups can’t access.

Private network
In addition to protecting devices, BlackBerry Gateway protects access to your organization’s private network and cloud-based applications by continuously analyzing whether users’ actions are expected or anomalous behavior. If BlackBerry Gateway determines that a user’s recent usage pattern indicates a high-risk, it blocks connections by the user until the risk level is mitigated.

IP Pinning
If your SaaS applications are configured to accept connections only from specific IP addresses, such as your organization’s own IP addresses, you can add BlackBerry Gateway source IP addresses obtained by your organization to the allowed list. For users working remotely, this means you can secure access between your users and cloud-based applications using source IP pinning without requiring them to use your organization’s VPN, which can reduce the traffic on your network and improve connections for users.

BlackBerry Gateway is now available in Europe!

BlackBerry Gateway Datasheet can be found here.